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Fire Stations and Apparatus

The Fire District is protected by 7 stations strategically placed to lower response times to emergencies. We have 29 pieces of apparatus composed of fire engines, tankers, brush trucks, a ladder truck, rescue boat, UTV, and command vehicles.  


Headquarters is located on 39 Highway just north of town.

  -23463 State Highway 39, Shell Knob, MO 65747

Station 2 is just south of the bridge on Oak Ridge Drive.

  -22281 Oakridge Drive, Shell Knob, MO 65747

Station 3 is south of town near the intersection of 39 & H highway.

  -17 Spring Valley Road

Station 4 is east of town at YY & County Line Road.

  -21791 County Line Road

Station 5 is on Stallion Bluff Road, east of the county line.

  -8729 Stallion Bluff Road

Station 6 is near the intersection of 39 & 76(West).

  -19722 State Highway 39

Station 7 is on Piney Tower Road (East on 76)

  -28799 Farm Road 2050

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