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Education and Useful Links

Listed below is a list of helpful links that relate to public education. If you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

*Fun site with games and activities geared toward helping young children learn fire safe practices. Site also has information for parents and educators.

*The U.S. Fire Administration website has links and tools for EMS providers as well as individuals looking to further their knowledge and skills when it comes to preventing fires and minimizing the devastation fires cause.

*Site for Emergency Preparedness and Response

*This website is dedicated to the prevention of  wild fires. There is a section all for children and one for educators along with prevention how-to's and the history of Smokey.

*The National Fire Protection Association website has many outlets for public education on how to keep you, your family and your community safe from fire related hazards.  It includes links to outreach programs, campaigns (such as fire prevention week) and free resources for educational programs.

*Quick information page from KidsHealth on ways to prevent household fires.

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